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by stylus Saturday, May 2 2020, 11:42am
international / poetry / post

what more could i explain?

words, regardless of their inherent power
fail to express infinity, which is natural Be-ing

impossible to express, no wordsmith or scribe
comes close – tho i must defer to: I AM THAT I AM
no-one has expressed it better

and so i leave my keyboard to trained monkeys
typing all manner of distractions and perversions,
intentionally and unintentionally

i have spoken myself hoarse yet u do not understand,
i have written reams of prose and poetry
which appeals and repels but it’s all in the power
tho always missing the target as the target is everywhere and nowhere

so i look to the silent saints that spoke through their souls, eyes
and presence, but my truth is hidden
so i appear like any commoner or king
but looks are deceiving,

silence is honest and clear,
as it has nothing to say

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