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Portable Ebooks Now Available of Site Content
by moderator - Ozpoetry Thursday, Jul 30 2020, 9:55am
international / poetry / post


We are very pleased to announce that, portable and unrestricted, easy to read eBooks are now available and more are in the process of being published. The first few are linked below, many more will soon follow. The poetry series are approximately 45 poems per book, available in the popular PDF and EPUB formats, Kindle reader MOBI format will also be included in time, so check the site regularly and update your list of free eBooks as we work to make everything available for your reading pleasure.

For those that have Kindle readers and require MOBI files, simply request, in 'comments' which titles you require and they will be uploaded and made available in MOBI format.


attachment All Books PDF - updated
attachment All Books Mobi - updated
attachment All Books Epub - updated

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by Leo Sunday, Aug 2 2020, 3:24am

Could you please make your excellent 'Infinite Consciousness' Ebook available for Kindle readers.

Thank you kindly.

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Mobi now available
by mod - Oz Poetry Sunday, Aug 2 2020, 4:01am

Enjoy on your Kindle reader, Leo.

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Kindle Reader Mobi Files
by mod - Oz Poetry Tuesday, Aug 4 2020, 10:59am

Unrestricted Kindle reader Mobi files now available for all titles.

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