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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by duta Saturday, Apr 9 2022, 10:34pm
international / prose / post

To whom do you address this question, what is your name?

Name only applies to form, the world of things, the multifarious plurality.

The essence of Reality is One continuous, indivisible Whole; you infer some sort of separation/distinction which is a lie – the question has no premise or validity, it is based on a lie or if you wish, the world of appearances, not limitless, undefinable Reality.

With what would you approach infinite Reality, finite words, a culturally created identity, lies upon lies and ridiculous questions? Who asks this absurdity, name? We/everything are One indivisible Whole, you see with two eyes not the One eye of Consciousness/Reality.

Why inquire when all answers stare you in the face, you are a dreamer dreaming a dream; existence is an open book for all to read from birth; not hidden or revealed, not secret or advertised, it merely is as it is and remains when worlds and universes are rolled up like scrolls – you are questioning an apparition, a ghost of your own making -- who asks this question?

Discover that source and you will discover me/you – We are One indivisible whole, limitless, all-knowing, satisfied and Free.

No laws, prescriptions, things etc, exist in infinite continuity – are there two infinities, wake up?

In no-thing, everything appears as chimera and mirages – why lose yourself in dreams, painful or pleasant as binaries chase each other, how much more multifarious pluralities?

You were free before you were born, who would enslave you but yourself in a world of names, things and lies – withdraw your subscription to illusion, ignorance and deceit, surely that much you can see with two blind eyes.

Who are you? Follow that question before you ask questions; are you the body that dies as everything that begins ends but your end is the same as your beginning, you are continuous indestructible, who is able to kill what cannot be killed, you are pure unblemished consciousness, unborn undying, limitless like the sky.

Please encode a chorus for this song for me/you, everything.

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