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We are ONE
We are ONE

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A Mystic's Secret
by sol Saturday, Jan 26 2013, 10:39am
international / poetry / post

It really is quite plain,
not the slightest mystery
is involved in a mystic's attainment

mystics themselves
advertise the fact in their writings

never accepting second best
or table crumbs
when a banquette is on offer
mystics want the entire feast
the cosmic entirety, infinite creation,
'face to face' with Reality/God,
nothing less

never compromising this one driving
principle for truth/reality facilitates its achievement

the ultimate prize is won only by those
that do not accept paltry substitutes or second best

it is plain enough for everyone to understand,
no substitutes accepted
complete freedom
no constraints whatsoever;
it is more difficult to understand
why anyone would accept a shit sandwich
when a banquette is offered
or a life of mediocrity when exaltation is promised --
the gates of Paradise admit all who would enter

do not misunderstand, it's not an easy ride
but it's the only endeavour worth undertaking;
i arrived at the threshold to Eternity
ragged, exhausted, almost beaten
but was immediately renewed/rejuvenated
when i stepped through into the ineffable Bliss
of Paradise

what is astounding is that people would settle
for less than their full entitlement

The chains that bind the masses are paper; they bind only as long as the masses remain unaware they are paper.

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PDF Document Mystical Poems of Rumi

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