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by lex via jill - Jungle Drum Newswire Saturday, Jul 15 2017, 10:51pm
international / poetry / post

i have no idea why a group
of desperates meeting at a house with
painfully loud music, drugs and alcohol
is called a ‘party’

so i sought a comfortable location
in the kitchen, yes, just like the song

even there i was harassed by a female
who accosted me with the most ridiculous
line i have ever heard,

‘parties are great, i love them,'
‘why?’ i asked,
‘because alcohol is the great leveller!'
‘what do u mean by that?'
‘well, everyone is what they are
but at parties alcohol serves to reduce
everyone to the same level’

‘really? are you saying that Einstein pissed is the same
as you pissed?’
‘yea’ -
‘well think again, cos pissed or not Einstein was a genius
and you are just a slag,
furthermore, i am no genius but, fuck off!’

that was the last 'party' i attended.

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