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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Wage War on Warmongers
by mike via shirl - Jungle Drum Newswire Saturday, Jul 15 2017, 10:55pm
international / poetry / post

it’s overdue,
why allow the nefarious to wage war on us?
never get their hands dirty or experience
the horror of their works -
they will never learn unless they experience
the wars they create

it’s time,
time indeed to wage war on the warmongers
shove the blood, spilled guts and body parts
down their evil throats directly
make them watch while THEIR families
are blown to pieces
and just explain it’s collateral damage
not the needless slaughter of
innocent women and CHILDREN,
collateral damage indeed
a term used to avoid reality and responsibility
for crimes

to kill an innocent child and call it collateral damage
is heinous - return the ‘favor’ as everyone has families
and no-one is immune to violence

killing innocent children is the greatest crime any
human could commit and elites commit it almost daily
in numerous regions of the world

are they immune or somehow special?
not a chance, they bleed like everyone else,
we know their names and places, they are easily dropped
like tin ducks in a shooting gallery, we need not approach
as a thousand yards makes a simple target

trump launched over 50 missiles on Syria illegally
is this criminal somehow immune from a retaliatory response?
no way, some of us are highly trained in cyber and traditional
combat, we were once called the ghosts of the desert
by the enemy that nightly attempted to traverse OUR space
and met with a devastating final response

Any Rothschild is a fair target,
the US, UK and Western European governments
are fair game, killers for profit, all of them

we will not be content until they are forced to be clad
in protective armor or encased terrified
in the glass booths they prepare for us

surely they have realized that it would come to this one day
and that day is overdue but it’s better late than never

rage into the night and fight till all are eliminated from the earth
who do these tin pots and suits think they are kidding?

the west is not prepared for professional attacks, only amateurs
have tried and failed to date -- we are difficult to identify
and more difficult to apprehend
the damage a handful of trained professionals is able to
wreak is not yet appreciated by these criminals that imagine they are
beyond the reach of our weapons and retribution

wait patiently in the darkness and light,
plan and plan again until it becomes automatic

we know how to deceive facial recognition -- easy as piss
your surveillance and CCTV are worthless confronting professionals
you know it

and be aware that the breath you feel on your necks is ours
we are a new breed of veteran and citizen, we return ‘favors’

your time has come

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