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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by reg via jane - Jungle Drum Newswire Friday, Sep 15 2017, 9:03pm
international / poetry / post

who would have imagined?
least of all me
that i would write a poem
about a common cold
yet here it is, such is the discomfort
and torturous distraction i suffer
that i am forced to release it in text

i have never contracted
a virus such as this
and to think that a
Hebrew imbecile instructed
followers to “subdue the earth,"
forgetting of course that man is a product of nature
therefore subject to it, a bonded servant
is never able to replace its master/creator, plain fact

religionists -- tho of course i would never attempt to appeal
to their vacuumed intellects -- lack reason
so which of you is able to ‘subdue’ this virus?
a form of life so tiny it evades natural sight
yet its power to size ratio is gargantuan,
perhaps a reminder to be humble not arrogant
and self-righteous -- characteristics shared
by fuckin’ Jews, Muslims and Christians
trapped in the perverse Abrahamic tradition of inverted logic,
destructive un-reason and pure fairy-tale fantasy,
you dumb, mindless fucks

take a look around and see where ‘subduing’
the earth has gotten us, environmental disaster
weakening our natural defenses against tiny invading life-forms

my nose is now a source of the most irritating
torture i have ever experienced, no person could match
a virus’ ability to drive a person nuts;
so irritated is my nose that i am considering
removing it surgically and replacing it with my dick
it has never been a source of torture in my life,
in fact when irritated it cums for joy --

consider the advantages of having a dick in the middle of ur face
far more convenient and effective than tucked away in the groin
and its female counterpart, a cunt-face, literally

but of course these thoughts are symptomatic of the virus
which at this stage has overwhelmed my civil sense
and good manner so forgive me i have been momentarily
conquered by one of the smallest creatures
that has never been subdued
by the arrogance of feeble-minded fuckwits
that continue to destroy the earth and human life

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