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"Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them" -- Joseph Heller

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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Fools' Suicide
by rae via shirl - Jungle Drum Newswire Friday, May 4 2018, 1:11am
international / poetry / post

keep ur empty words to urself
i am listening to the ageless
voice of the earth weaving its symphonies
for Eternity, the bliss of which harmony
ur words/minds fail to capture and understand

how do YOU expect ur limitations (finite minds)
to capture and understand self-qualified infinity,
or the continuity of existence?

how tragic you are given the All which you shrink into
wasted perversity, violence and destruction
u are beyond salvation, creating false human gods
to comfort u in ur screaming desperation;
you imagine ur dreams and myths will save u from reality,
but u miss the obvious,
that no man made god is able to save anything,
the origin of all ur pathetic feeble gods
are in texts written by men
but u are forced to cling to the idiotic lies and myths
as u have nothing else to cling to

look at you, alienated, disconnected from
the splendours of Life born/e of Love
which dances in ineffable bliss before u always,
a free gift that u you trash daily with your violence
and psychotic ways

today u elevate the sick and flawed among you
to lead you to ruin and oblivion, which reality the psychopaths
ensure is never presented to ur faces, the media drip feed
is shaped according to the designs of sickos that own it, fools!

how transparent it all is given clear eyes and an aware mind to SEE,
which senses are dimmed by ur apathy and addictions

i watch u imploding in ur desperate solitude and loneliness,
designed by corporate entities to enslave, tame and exploit slaves
in order to maintain their sick designs
that serve only them -- You serve them, fools!

You are pitiless waste products,
healthy humanity disowns you as u think only
of ‘me’ tho humanity is essentially WE, without which factor
it cannot survive

play with ur digital, alienating and enslaving toys designed and shaped
by the sickest among you to exploit and disempower tho you are aware
but u are so disconnected from the real u cling to ur slavery and inevitable ruin

the earth has no need of ur perversities and cowardice, neither do the few healthy
among ur plagued populations, the brave and free that fought to maintain
their independence and connection to the All, the REAL
while you pathetic slobs attempt to compensate for ur loss with baubles
and transitory titillations which burn and fry u until an autumn
leaf seems robust and full of life in comparison

i wish you well knowing it is unattainable until
you fight and remove the imposed poisons within
and regain your heritage/sovereignty, self-respect and
Real freedom, which no-one could thereafter deprive you of

We, ALL, are a physically and emotionally social species, the many working as ONE
for the good of ALL;
why do you remain divided, defeated, miserable, enslaved and tortured
by the few nefarious, sick and treacherous among you?

you are free to choose Life/freedom/unity over slavery, ruination and death

however, it is clear you have already made ur choice -- YOU have forsaken Yourselves!

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