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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by rayn via jill - Inverse Times Friday, Aug 3 2018, 9:49am
international / poetry / post

while grappling with existence
a knock rudely interrupted my
possible victory, damn it!

it was you, rejection doesn’t seem
to affect you, so i stepped aside
while she rolled in pissed as a fart

take it easy, don’t bring me down

no, no, i have reformed

tho i would have preferred transformed,
while she plonked literally on the sofa

well, what is it this time, u’ve
already exhausted all the female wiles?

i love u and can’t stay away,
she said, spreading her knees
revealing her lust --
this definitely was not love,
more like an alley cat arching its back
offering itself

cross ur legs it won’t work

with that she sprang from the sofa into my arms
without falling over

amazed, i held her tho it became apparent
that she was acting more pissed
than she was

ok, take it easy, the last time u were here
u wrecked the place in a fit of rage

no, no, i truly am reformed

that bloody word again

well good on you

so what do u intend to do with ur new reformed self?

fuck you, now!

but there’s nothing new in that, i responded, while
her crotch was sliding up and down
on my thigh

release me u maniac, it won’t work

oblivious to my comment she dropped on her knees and began
sucking my cock, easily accessed thru my night gown

for christ’s sake, does anything penetrate that head of urs,
it won’t work, do u understand? while my phallus began
to react -- that damn traitorous appendage

look, don’t imagine ur tricks are working,
a man has two heads but only one has a brain
the other only mindlessly reacts

she could only respond in gags,
she was desperate

faced with this predicament what would you?

ok, one last time -- how many times have i said that!

another disastrous future was in the making
and to think, i had almost beaten existence
until that bloody knock, tho i had an ace up my sleeve

i was only putting her on to keep her keen --
so, until we grapple again, existence

audio You really got me going -- The Kinks

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