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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Quest Eternal
by suyug via janice - Inverse Times Wednesday, Aug 15 2018, 4:34am
international / poetry / post

i loved u before i was and when i
became i loved u more
emerging from the primordial vapours
without an identity but a burning love
for You only

i remembered when u cast me into existence
with a kiss that tattooed my forming heart,
formed to serve and love you until time
itself died of exhaustion, spent, maintaining my search
for You only

i remember ur parting words.
‘find me that we may both live and continue
in this eternal Love’

and so without direction i searched
through lives and experiences,
all of which brought me closer
to You tho i had no idea where u were
but somehow always knew the distance between us

ur final words perplex me to this day
‘find me that we may both live ...’ implying
that if i fail we would both perish in the void

overwhelmed by the urgency i fought all manner
of obstructions to reach a nearer proximity,
i feel You now more than ever before

spurred on by this quickening and much wiser
from the lessons of experience, i now sail home to You
carried magnetically like a Phoenix riding cosmic currents
while always deftly manoeuvering around threats and obstacles

i care little for myself, however, under no circumstance would
i allow u to be absorbed by the void, a space
reserved for meaningless and lost lives

i must find you, to save you

perhaps i was given a great gift to know what i must do in existence,
return to You and become again with You together as One

some say i was cursed, referring to the many tortures
i have suffered in my search, perhaps,
but the pains and tribulations only brought me closer
so i would invite the increase in power
of this curse, as i know it ends
in Union

never fear my Love,
emancipation is nearer than we both
may think

i am so near i understand only now
that my love is your Love,
the Love that set all existence in motion

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