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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Leaves on Rain
by stacey via jill - Inverse Times Saturday, Mar 2 2019, 8:07am
international / poetry / post

perspective does not decide
the first splat, puck or pop
when it rains and how leaves
fall on the rain

yielding always to the pelting
it would seem absurd that leaves
fall on rain
but watch them dance long enough
and you too would see what few see

does the agony precede the ecstasy
or vice-versa? an unanswered but often
put question in the minds of those
that lose their mind in order to create something special,
unique, unnameable and abstract, the latter word
lacking all precise meaning, which renders meaning
meaningless, abstract

it rains from an opaque marbled sky onto the dead
and living without discrimination as though neither
qualify enough to care,
perhaps the ecstasy precedes the agony

uncertainty is the only certainty, absurd but real;
so living leaves that remain on trees fall
when it rains, pours, roars drowning sound
into numbness without distinction as nothing else is heard
when it pours tears from the soul

the sun breaks through the clouds forming an arc in the rain
but never a circle of colour, unfinished business,
a circle has no beginning or end
its perfection repudiates conjecture but an arc is worse than half a fuck
a paltry excuse not befitting the splendour of nature’s perfection

do not judge me as you would only judge yourself
you do not know me, no one does,
though some are acquainted and have been for decades
though they would not dare to presume
or question how leaves behave in the rain
of an artist’s eye that sees far more than it wishes to see at times;
you see, another absurdity, time!
which does not exist as everything occurs
in the continuous present,
so do not try to discern the real from the unreal
as they are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are interchangeable --

the ground breaks under your feet and the sky shatters into rain
delighting the green of leaves that never die when they fall on the rain

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