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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by sylph via drake - Inverse Times Wednesday, Mar 13 2019, 12:55pm
international / poetry / post

the wind has gone crazy
whipping silver and black eels
into the air, shooting them thru the trees
like arrows

the lake heaves up leaving the bottom exposed
then drops back with a crashing splash which sends
the waters across the land to slowly return and re-form the lake
which again heaves up and drops down

i continue walking sideways in the wind, feet thumping against
the gusts from which perspective i see what few creatures see
the sun and moon in the sky simultaneously though in polarity
which breaks momentarily in which instant the sun and moon embrace
only to be ripped apart again and resume their polar orbits
in a surgically split sky displaying day and night at once divided

how strange these phenomena

withdrawing my crystal-tipped willow wand from its silk scabbard
i restore harmony and wonder which evil sorcerer has
cast this spell, my enemies are many nevertheless my magick
overrides the chaotic madness of sorcerers

u appear before me whispering rhymes and intoning names of power
but i detect it’s not u and take another sip of potion which exposes
the reptile-eyed horned god that rules the affairs of men, what need do i have
of that thing too easily banished by the pentagram twisting in my brain

the tar streets and steel tracks run in circles which meaningless direction
i am tempted not to rectify but man must continue in his linear directions to oblivion

i flip two cards from my deck, the fool and hanged man, very revealing
i move my piece across the board, check, the game i mastered as a boy
during my training -- ur move

London bridge is falling down and everything appears normal
again but u are my lover lost in the chaos to which u returned
voluntarily, i hesitate to use my magick to save u, as it was ur choice,
my fair lady

Chinese needles and pins pierce my skin scattering my harmony and power,
i relax and the needles fall from my body

the sky returns to itself as night with a shattered moon piecing itself together,
birds return to the trees and eels to water

yet another night in the fight,
the deceptions and artifices of darkness
never rest

they will never succeed -- if i falter and fail then my apprentice would assume
my role and former position to continue the fight,
his keyboard training is almost complete

the ladder and the angels descending and ascending,
all is returned before dawn, except the shining serpent in the jeweled tree
of life, how could i have overlooked it? hurriedly i return the lord of darkness and light
to the tree and ease back gently in my geode fortress, in readiness for another night

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