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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by glade Tuesday, Mar 17 2020, 12:02am
international / poetry / post

sound appears as visions of you
how u appear and disappear
with modulations of mind

who else is able to see sound?

recollect who/what I/we are
and you too will see
but only with the mind's eye
apart from physical presentations
in a limited world of the blind

sound develops and endows scent, dimension
and completes the representation
until u are tactile and responding independently
of my will as u have become that presentation at this moment

so, what would you now,
more sensuality or more of ur wit and wisdom?
tho ur erotic presence is difficult to dismiss --
so speak my lovely, express those sweet dreams
which form realities now

weave me another world in which union and peace
prevail, not the eternal conflict and sorrow of the dense world

free me my lovely, I know you essentially as the archetype
of the female, u must fulfil ur essence here with me
as u cannot exist alone in drear

so what would u reader, which course have
you chosen for urself, what culture
has chosen for you?

Are you real, apparition or automaton?

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