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We are ONE
We are ONE

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... Set You Free
by viv Monday, Mar 23 2020, 12:05am
international / prose / post


I refer initially to religious texts that clearly were written by men of wisdom, not Gods; of course excluding the orchestrations and interference in texts by ruling politicians that clearly wished to enslave and subject the masses; that is why I refer to the statement, “the TRUTH will set you Free,” notwithstanding the context of a mythical figure referring that 'Truth', which must apply to everything in this infinite universe, to himself, an utter absurdity as no finite mortal is infinite; however, the statement is accurate if put to the test as nothing else but Truth overwhelms the fictions myths, dominant narratives and un/intentional lies of culture.

So what next if that statement is correct? Well, it's obvious, but the obvious escapes most today. So we MUST ask, 'Freedom from what?' The implication clearly being we are enslaved by something, but what? Again, the answer is obvious, CULTURE, as it is from culture that we derive our false notions, identities and group consciousness. So interrogating that statement has produced immediate results from which we are able to proceed, and if we persevere, we might be able to achieve the Freedom referred to by the wise men of the past.

So it is given that we are enslaved, notwithstanding that a slave unaware of his/her slave status is a slave indeed. So the wise are offering Liberation from the (cultural) forces that enslave us all as every other force in the universe must, by virtue of its infinite status, liberate us. But HOW does culture enslave? Most have answers to this question, but are they fundamental? So we must interrogate further, as indeed that is the imperative question if we are thinkers – and at this stage do not be concerned as we will/should arrive at our Freedom.

So we must thoroughly interrogate culture and how it functions in order to enslave and manage very large groups of people, as clearly there is no culture without shared beliefs and uniformity of thought and action, behaviours in other words.

So culture is forced to impose, accompanied by punitive threats and actions, uniformity in order to exist, but clearly at the cost of OUR Freedom. An illustration is now necessary. In the universe, expressed also on earth, there is nothing the same, indeed no two grains of sand, blades of grass leaves on trees, snowflakes etc, are the same, so uniformity is anathema to nature and infinity by implication. So could our freedom be linked to our true inherent/created individual identity before culture superimposed its uniform values and false identities? Indeed it could, as we know that no two created beings are the same, every man and woman is a star in the firmament, so to speak. So by thorough analysis and simple interrogation we have arrived at this point but marvel at the simplicity of arriving here by merely asking questions of existence, which is rare these days. Yet interrogating culture and everything else reveals its essential nature/truth, as demonstrated.

Now to the QUESTION of Freedom. We now know we are enslaved by culture regardless of the nature/character of that culture, and we know our original created identity is the key to our Freedom.

So what comes next? CLEARLY another crucially important question, expressed as, WHO (or what) AM I? The answer to that question is of course the key to our Liberation/Freedom, as once we know who we are nothing is able to enslave us again. It sounds easy as I write it, however, that last interrogative process is probably the most difficult thing you could undertake as it involves the destruction of your superimposed, cultural, slave identity, which is who you 'think' you are, it also involves confronting infinity as the Truth is infinite as it must apply to all things existent and non-existent in every sphere, dimension or plane – now think or don't think just arrive at an answer to that final question and you too will be FREE, I promise you, as others before me have promised without the explanation supplied here, however, I need to elaborate as this process is self-defeating if not pursued properly.

Now think, where does culture reside, in or out; most people would immediately state without, but that answer misses its most powerful location, MIND, as everything we think is derived from language, words, texts, pictures signs and symbols etc, so we have answered how culture instils uniformity, via a common LANGUAGE we must share, and we learn THAT before any formal schooling/brainwashing, as the key to entry to our minds is already available via language.

So the process of thought is merely the internalised convolutions of culture, so by consequence, thought/culture is blocking the doorway to our freedom, however, asking the question “who am I?” eventuates in the stilling of mind as mind cannot be separated from its content, thought, so the answer/FREEDOM is beyond thought, which stillness, or the 'elimination of the modulations of mind' reveals our true AND the true nature of all existence, as everything in infinity is/must be continuous without fragmentation/separation.

So there you have it if you will, remain an unconscious slave or become a fully conscious FREE BEING, the choice is yours.


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