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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Fear is the Key to Mass Management
by baz Tuesday, Mar 31 2020, 10:38pm
international / prose / post


Sapiens have always been a social species and consequentally
they evolved to become the dominant species on earth
though lacking the strength and physical agility
of other mammals – so how did they rise to dominate the earth?

The question is almost rhetorical as it is obvious,
mutual cooperation and mutual assistance/support in groups
though other species also have herd instincts to survive
but lack the brain power of sapiens, which in early evolutionary
terms easily deduced the species could not survive if solitary
and so the social, gregarious aspect is now inbuilt or 'genetic,' if you wish.

However, like all species weaknesses continue to plague sapiens,
the most (literally) paralysing is FEAR. Sapiens are a fearful lot
and the threat of danger easily overcomes the evolved brain we have today
it's a throwback instinct to our earliest evolutionary experiences where nomadic groups
were faced with many threats, and we have not lost our fright-flight instinct
which overcomes the stand and fight to survive, which sapiens developed
in groups to overwhelm threats and enemies easily witnessed today with
the existence of militaries around the world, which are essentially a group effort
to oppose any threat -- not a lot has changed in that regard.

So reason, rationality and deductive thought defer to the fear instinct,
as is witnessed today by the threat of a plague or pathogen that cannot
be defeated by war between opposing groups of modern sapiens
– indeed, we have killed and exploited each other from the start to obtain
necessary resources, food etc.

Nevertheless, this primitive survival instinct triggered by fear is easily
exploited in sinister and other more innocuous ways, for example:
most people have been exposed to the 'bogeyman' threat from early childhood,
which exploits this powerful weakness, though most parents do not fully appreciate
what they are doing, though they know instinctively how to induce fear in their children;
and of course it works on the very young until their brain deduces it is a fiction
meant to alarm and manage their behaviour via fear, which response is stronger
than tantalising inducements such as 'candy' and the like, rewards in other words.

Today as I write, global societies have been locked down and harnessed using fear,
the virus will get you unless you do what 'we' say – though reason dictates it is
more beneficial and enlightened to question 'we' and the motives behind these
draconian actions, which now prevent sapiens from expressing their gregarious
and social instincts, hence, it is well known that by inflicting the severe punishment of
isolation, 'solitary' in other words, that isolation weakens individuals mentally and makes
them more amenable to control, however, it has never been practised on a GLOBAL SCALE,
which the mass media and mass digital communication have facilitated,
though it would appear the 'we' group are exploiting this medium, as their social control policies
are full of absurd contradictions

If the threat is as severe as is broadcast; for instance, in Australia our puppet leader, a 'speaking in tongues' Pentecostal Christian, has locked down, pubs, clubs, restaurants and other social gathering venues BUT ALLOWED hairdressers to operate though social distancing of 1.5 metres is now enforced, now punishable by $1000 on-the-spot fines for congregating in numbers more than 2. So it seems these irrational exceptions serve vanity as a priority and political considerations more than a real or unreal threat – please do not misunderstand, the virus exists and kills, however, so do most virulent viruses and killer bacteria, SARS, MERS, EBOLA etc, but no global lockdown for those deadly infectious agents, notwithstanding the REALITY that Australia's death toll nationwide – 24 million population -- is currently less than 25 as I write, yet hairdressers are trading as usual breaking all the draconian enforced rules, including no popular professional contact sports allowed, so the obvious question BEGS, does longish uncut hair constitute a threat? Well, clearly it does not, so this absurd contradiction must be addressed and an explanation demanded of our puppet leaders if they intend to be taken seriously. This absurd contradiction stands out like the proverbial Oz 'dog's balls,' and must be addressed otherwise enforced, draconian social control measures for minimal death rates, less than a standard flu season, would obviously be challenged by the Oz MASSES.

Indeed, this hairdresser exception policy would seem to subvert the entire exercise/gambit if allowed to continue – it is therefore imperative to question who the 'we' are and what are their real motives? And why the absurd contradictions that nullify the danger aspect of this 'real or fabricated' threat, if indeed it is more serious than the above mentioned killer pathogens.

Regardless of my above credible, factual and verifiable observations it becomes an imperative to NOW question and analyse, what we are being told and the extreme hype the mass media broadcasts 24/7.

Another way of putting it is to cease blindly consuming the media and begin to use your evolved discriminative thought skills, logic and reason before succumbing to a primitive, mindless instinct, which certainly appears to be exploited at the present time – in other words, cease blindly CONSUMING NEWS, without question.

So why not ASK or demand to know, who are/is the 'we' that control our puppet, moron politicians, as it is already well known our political leaders take orders from those that place them in power, (media owners) plutocrats and oligarchs.

Have a nice isolated day, and quiver in FEAR – and don't worry about massive job losses and huge currency fluctuations for no apparent reason, as 'we' are cleaning up!

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