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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by firefly Tuesday, Apr 21 2020, 7:12am
international / poetry / post

trees push into the light displacing others
and replacing those that have fallen

composed of earth, water and air only,
but a tree is not a rose which vulva-smooth
soft blood-scarlet petals are also composed
of earth, water and air.

a man walks naked through a forest understanding the need
or desire of its expression and regeneration;
trees from sprouts and seeds express themselves
in multifarious manner but cannot escape the three
simple facts of their existence, earth, water and air
three of the four primal early elements, what need then
to split hairs?

but that is not what fascinates, it is the locked secrets of nature
that intelligence supreme that is able to form into a tree
or rose though originating from the same materials --
what drives this expression into multifarious forms
built from the rudimentary?

A necessary question as all animals share the same rudimentary
materials as vegetation, man included, which creature
reduced to essential materials is worth a few cents,
less it would seem to others of the species

and so scientists avoid this question as they do not and never will know
the driving expression that transforms an acorn into a huge tree,
O, yes, DNA is the best they can offer

but how does it know to gather nutrients from the earth and water and breathe
air? They haven't got a clue as their explanations are reactionary
whereas traditionals know how nature expresses itself and why,
without measure or rule

indeed the entire earth plane and its accoutrements is pushing into
expression/Light completely harmonised with everything in/around it,
in other words manifestations of the same things, but as diverse
and unique as infinity are going in their going in ONE relative direction

so I ask u again you deluded fools that subscribe unconsciously to
to a bigger fool's declaration/order to “subdue the earth” what an ignorant
dissociated moron as any traditional would inform you

the wind sometimes whistles sometimes eases into breezes
and other times wreaks havoc but it is only moving air agitated by
discordant pressures exacerbated by man, good luck with the 'subduing,'
you clowns

the Galaxy is a sea-shell on the sea shore, a sunflower and snail shell
of the earth, which spiral repeats itself in our galaxy tho I have never
visited other planes in our mother sphere but be assured
that spiral repeated on earth, is repeated everywhere
but why?

Well, you dumb, blind, DEAD scientists, is something trying to tell u something
that you could learn from understanding an acorn or pine cone?

a signature perhaps, which opens an avenue/portal to understanding everything
as no spiral has a beginning or end regardless which direction is taken, out or in!

And so it becomes apparent that the end and beginning arrive at the same
kinetic movement of continuity, where no subduing of anything is necessary
or would you care to challenge this with your blind eyes and locked minds,
perhaps that is why all scientists require a ruler – double meaning intended?

the infinite universe dances in Bliss revealing itself naked in all its splendour,
but scientists baulk at such qualitative sentiments as their world
is devoid of LOVE and emotion, the poor bankrupt bastards

They will NEVER know the secrets of existence, displayed openly
as always

without Love and its glory, as it is THAT which impels infinity's dance,
and all its concordant harmonious expressions, in every sphere, plane and dimension,
they are all void, soulless, bankrupt, hollow entities

so if you dare speak to me of God or science expect my pistol to be drawn
to put an end to your pollution and idiotic perversions

WE are of the FOREVER – and WE are ONE without measure --

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