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"The travesty of orthodox religion is that the living defer to the dead" -- Anon

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We are ONE


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We welcome constructive contributions from writers and authors relating to any of the various topic headings listed. Contributions deemed incompatible with the 'spirit' of the site, see "About us," will not be published. Other inappropriate content would include, advertising, contrived fabrications, personal defamatory attacks, inflammatory/abusive and infantile remarks, unintelligible or illiterate content. All comments should be of a constructive critical nature whether in agreement or disagreement with the respective article.

Legal Stuff
Articles/stories contributed to this site are free for non-profit re-use (for more information, check out http://www.opencontent.org/). If you wish to alter the status of your story, clearly state your conditions at the end of the text.

In rare instances, stories that have been published may be edited or even deleted by the cooperative running this site. Please read our privacy and disclaimer statements.

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