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"Killing One Person Is Murder; killing 100,000 Is American Foreign Policy." -- Anon

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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Below are the stories which have most recently been commented upon, allowing you to keep track of the latest commentary at a glance. From here you can more easily participate in commenting on articles that are posted, and continuing discussions that have started.

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Story Title Comment Author Comment Posted
Portable Ebooks Now Available of Site Content mod 10:59am A4
Moonlight amoz 12:03pm M2
Tunnels and Plains jean 4:24am F5
A timeless sight Ed 10:25am S7
Passing by rayn 10:11am F20
Sure Sign rex 8:40pm J2
Precious hec 7:38am D30
Going Underground Ed. 9:28am A4
Nye pete 10:42pm D31
Ecstatic Poetry roy 10:37am J31
for Amy fiona 8:58pm J25
Born tomorrow/yesterday scrambledfrankl 5:17am A27
Retribution greyraven 4:28am A23
A child is born in Amerika wisp 1:31pm A9
Bearing Arms satff report vi 7:28pm F17
Written in the Wind keo 6:50pm N23
Derivations of Rumi Laura Onstot vi 6:03pm N16
Love and Freedom, Forever Sibel Edmonds v 7:42am N14
Antidote John Deckert vi 8:11pm N7
Untitled Volume Sheila Samples 10:54pm O18
Dreams of You lynx 8:50am O17
Needless Losses via sylph 6:29am O7
Done like a Dinner Mary Shaw via r 7:48pm S28
A Lorelei’s Demise darun 8:47pm S20
need you now Sandy Denny via 9:09pm S11
As it is vajra 11:27pm S4
Paradoxes flowa 7:20pm A14
Fire and Ice The Knack via s 10:01pm A11
Regrets Sandy Denny via 8:58am A8
Ascension tzu 9:22pm J27
A Whore of a Word stylus 9:36am J24
Lux Rose Ultima Thule vi 10:18am J9
Mage K. Richards, M. 8:00pm J27
Stowaway wisp 11:13am J7
The Taste of Victory Bill Quigley vi 11:02pm M25
Indomitable Eli Clifton via 6:55am M19
Bellingen Nights wisp 10:04pm M23
We share our humanity ... magus 7:47pm F11
From beyond the grave emica 8:41pm F5
Dream walls, Illusory fears wisp 5:18pm D7
Cleave Hafiz via fleet 7:07am N19
Among Clouds Brett J. Blackl 9:02am N6
Clarity fleet 5:41am O17
Obama's Prize Stephen Lendman 5:29am O13
Pledge the promise 7:20pm O9
Unexpected A. Roy and C. H 7:21pm S29
Swirling kris 5:45am S14
Where have all the Poets gone? gliss 8:20pm S13
No more Impositions Stacey Folsom v 12:15am J24
A poem for a frightened friend kindred 11:35pm A18
Parallel Universe via sadh 11:57am M23
BBQ Chicken step 10:24am A10
A Word or Two evo 7:39am D5
MANIFESTO of the progeny Juan Derer via 6:32pm A9
Protest Poetry rendition 5:50pm J25

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