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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by rayn Saturday, Dec 19 2020, 7:48pm
international / poetry / post

whether in dream or 'awake'
believe what u see and don't see

but always allow doubt to surgically
examine ur beliefs as that process ensures
the reality of what u either imagine or see

and when u See,
integrity -- objective and
subjective -- is ur reward
as integrity saves us from folly,
fantasy and torture

so how does this obvious doubting reality
save us all from self-induced slavery/misery?

doubting everything presented ensures
inquiry/analysis, and pursued inquiry results
in awareness and knowledge, not as presented
or given but discovered for urself

so why the title, 'Flux'?
indeed, why?

well, if u have the ability to pursue everything
presented with doubt/analysis to the end,
u must arrive at Truth as all persistent inquiry
leads to Truth, infinite or finite dependent on
what u are doubting/analysing, and be assured
nothing is hidden from this type of inquiry as
there are really no secrets in existence

at the 'end' of this process we discover the only
reality is flux, as stasis (the formulated) the static,
is dead, a self-evident lie, as infinite existence is
kinetic, never the same from instant to instant
as infinity is supremely Creative (moving)

now try to locate urself as an entity/identity in
infinite flux, u cannot, u are only able to locate
urself in mapped (by culture) social spaces
as in a name, nation, etc;

and as is evident those fixed/mapped spaces
are a LIE as they are static fixed locations and
formulated, hence culture is a conglomeration
of Lies, fantasies, myths and deceit, intentional
and unintentional

i am not the first or last as it has been said,
'seek and you will find,' the meaning of which
is presented above; and by consequence if u
believe me or anything presented u have failed
urself and ur entire life tho u would remain in a
shared cultural dream but never reality until u
wake to the Reality of flux/Creation, as distinct
from blind belief -- everything here encoded
is able to be tested by you; and if u have the
discipline, courage and mental stamina u would
discover/realise God/Truth/Infinity for urself

so it becomes plain that belief in anything given/
presented, religion, science, whatever, is supreme
stupidity -- any/all fixed beliefs are a prison
as belief automatically censors the New infinite
process (Reality/flux) and maintains a fixed, dead,
dogmatic point of view which denies the Living
ever new reality

so, are u stupid, delusional, a coward or a hero?
real life devoid of all belief results in infinite
consciousness but it requires courage

put simply belief denies the scintillating Truth of
existence/God/Reality and a life insulated from
Reality/Truth/God is a living hell


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