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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Woohoo You
by lex via jane - Jungle Drum Newswire Friday, Sep 8 2017, 11:33pm
international / poetry / post

the world is frantic
but u are as easy as
a leaf floating down a stream
on a clear, untroubled summer’s day

u ease the storm of my life
and soothe my heart,
ur asian jet hair shines
like a raven’s wing
ur face is the wine i have thirsted for

u approached me like a woman
cloaked in a heavenly, bewitching scent
then fled like a frightened child
are u playing the usual feminine wiles
that exasperate men of experience,
are u testing the attraction?

be aware i do not chase or play adolescent games
i am a man, not a boy
and if a man frightens u, then so be it,
strong independent women are rare these days

is it ur husband that constrains u?
u know i know that women taste of different fruits
in the orchard of life and then return
to their gardens or make a dash for greener space,
no children involved makes u free to choose

though i shall not concern myself with social
dilemmas ur presence now is all that matters
the sadness in ur eyes contradicts the smile on ur
face, these dichotomies/contradictions drive me nuts
so i drown u in soft kisses that u evoked from my
innermost being --
lost in close embrace
i am in heaven momentarily and do not allow myself to think
of anything other than ur divine presence
which revives my wounded soul and ravaged heart

a night with u in my arms is enough to sustain me for decades
one cup of good wine defeats the constant indulgence of lesser grades
though u remain trapped within urself pleading it seems
for someone to release u

i do not interfere with the ecstasy of the present,
future or past projections and reflections rob
life of its rewards and life only exists in the present

do not trouble urself unnecessarily,
ease into the soul u have healed
and it would heal you

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