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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by lex via jaxie - Jungle Drum Newswire Thursday, Mar 8 2018, 1:12am
international / poetry / post

her sorrow a giant mountain pressing
on her chest pushing the very life from her
frail exquisite body -- her magnetic eyes
deep as the blackness of deepest space
could not hide the loss she suffered,
it seemed as though the entire tragedy
of all humanity was carried by this petite stranger
that asked for no help only directions
in a metropolis unfamiliar

menacing dark alleys intermittently illuminated
by archaic single globe light poles
were safe for locals
moving in the shadows doing business
and waiting for opportunities but hazards for strangers
and the unwary unfamiliar with the neighbourhood

yet she took to the lanes without the slightest apprehension
seeking the address which i explained was one lane among many

i trailed her safely behind in order to prevent an attack
though she was aware of my presence,
the denizens in the alleys assessed the stranger each to their own intentions
none of which were good
though as they approached and met her gaze
they retreated somewhat daunted

this one had accrued much power in her pain,
no-one dared harass her

she turned and gestured that i approach
i’m alright, she said, i know u are watching over me
do not be concerned i can take care of myself

yes i see that but i would never forgive myself
if any harm came to u,
do not concern urself, she responded
i have no interest in my welfare so why should u?
perhaps that is why i am watching over u, i replied
though ur disregard for ur safety seems to ward off evil,
people sense something though unsure of what they sense so
leave u alone, perhaps i could assist, what or who is it u seek?

‘drake,’ she responded
my god, she seeks me yet i have no idea who she is
so i politely ask why she seeks drake/me unawares
well it’s a little involved but to simplify
i was referred to him as someone who could
help with an issue

indeed, drake is a fixer and well respected, i replied,
but not of worldly affairs
well, that is why i seek him the matter is not mundane,
i do not know who gave u that address but it’s not where drake lives,
i informed her
do u know where i could find him? indeed i do, i am going past
his place, i would be happy to take you there
thank you, i hope it is not out of ur way, not at all, i replied with a smile

i decided to take the long route and learn more about this mysterious stranger

she didn’t respond to all my questions only those she thought appropriate
but the more we exchanged words the more fascinated i became though acutely aware of her deep sorrow

i notice u carry a burden, i said. she turned her face and locked her eyes onto mine
we all carry burdens some more than others though none are given burdens they cannot
deal with, each according to their capacity, i nodded in agreement, which seemed to comfort her

as we approached my house i was inclined to divulge who i was but she interrupted the intent
and asked, ‘are you good friends,’ well yes, very close indeed
how close, she asked, well close is not the word i am drake i confessed, as i withdrew the key
and opened the door

i see, she said, i knew there was something ... she did not finish the sentence
come in, i said, tea or something stronger, tea is fine

we sat at the kitchen table while the water boiled to the hiss of a gas flame
i poured and covered the pot to allow the tea to draw

do u wish to explain why you seek me
it’s a lost love that haunts me, how do u mean?
well he recently died in a motor cycle accident
interesting i said, come to the window,
she peered at my black Ducati in the yard
and her face became pale
is that his bike, she asked? it’s an exact
match, no way, i have customised this machine with loving care

i see she said, then why do you haunt me?

the room began to spin her face began to blur
but her eyes remained in focus

what do u mean?

you are dead my darling
how forlorn i have been but u must leave me and attend to your
matters in this world, what world? this is the world, well yes for you but not for me
i have travelled here in a dream to speak to u one last time in this life

it hit me like a truck though it was a truck that killed me, i remembered instantly
i could see the tears in her eyes which welled and began to flow down her cheeks

u know how much i love u, but u must let go for ur sake and mine
we will meet again u know it, but for now let it be i have to finish
my cycle as allotted

i had regained some composure though i was not entirely sure where i was
go to your bike she said it will take u where u need to go

mount it and hit the ignition everything will be fine

with that she kissed me goodbye and faded from view

my Ducati roared and transported me at light speed to my destination
alone, for now

i need not continue, you will all learn soon enough


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