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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by jude via claire - Inverse Times Friday, Aug 31 2018, 2:18am
international / poetry / post

i have lost my mind, at last,
it was wiped clean away,
as pure Light has no need
of cultural adornments

my agitated heart finally rested in its
unperturbed state, happy to no longer engage
in senseless passions, injustice and other
emotional distractions

my soul found its origination
and dissolved leaving me without
so much as a wisp of anything identifiable

and so today i’m a madman, drunk
on boundless Light,
i had not realised i was dying of thirst
and starving for the ineffable comfort
of Love/Light and perfect rest,
which envelopes only those that are mad
to the world

the Light reveals itself to whomsoever it chooses,
sinners, saints, the learned and illiterate
there is no road, disciplines or map to Truth
yet somehow perfection is attained
which satiates not only the fortunate soul
but everything else that exists, always,
Love/Light does not discriminate

the judgement of gods is a lie,
ladders and pitfalls lie,
war and peace lie,
the entire world of men
and all culture’s creations LIE

i am fortunate indeed to have been impoverished by
Light alone

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