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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by rayn via julie - Inverse Times Tuesday, Sep 4 2018, 12:14am
international / poetry / post

carried again by ur voice
beyond this world
i could hardly be grounded in ur presence

it is impossible to accept that u are
of this world
everything about you is other
and ur effect on mere mortals
is beyond description

i dare not describe ur eyes
face, lips and body as i fear
i would dissolve in what i see
as the most perfect example of
something that should not have taken human form,
perfection is reserved for gods and goddesses

i am drunk looking at u,
kissing ur lips is as making love
to lesser women -- how unfortunate for them
i found you

is it perfect compatibility or just
complete perfection? i care less whether this
reaction is projection, objection or a mixture
of both, as why question and perhaps ruin
what we share?
emotion is stronger than intellect
of that be sure my ineffable, exquisite

haul me back into ur embrace please
i am lost without you

the sight of u launches me into ecstasy,
ur embrace reverberates the core
of my being, waterfalls plunge without
care for u alone,
the sea moves and laps at ur feet
while storms rage elsewhere

no mortal moves like dancing light
or speaks with a voice that softly resonates
to the edge of infinity

i would say i love you if it were adequate,
but it fails to deliver how i feel,
u have impoverished the word Love
with ur perfect presence

and to think i sat looking at a blank screen
before u walked into the room

stay with me ... and continue

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