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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by dulcie via jen - Inverse Times Sunday, Sep 23 2018, 10:13pm
international / poetry / post

reeling from the effects of medication which dulls the cognitive processes and transforms average people into automatons directed by dressed in white ‘carers,’ frankie was nevertheless able to pierce through the chemically induced fog with driven purpose, which was buried but not suffocated by the medication, which chemicals under normal circumstances reduced creative human beings to turnips.

frankie analysed this ability to overcome the fog and attributed it to the eastern concept of dharma which evades western attempts to render it in translation; a mixture of fundamental, not learned, characteristics, qualities and behaviours, which define something as unique but not necessarily ‘special’ just unique in nature -- which never reproduces the same thing twice -- though that thing, like snowflakes, grains of beach sand or leaves on a tree, belong to a certain group/category, nevertheless display a certain uniqueness that separates each manifestation from what would otherwise be a homogeneous group; yes, frankie was human all too human but felt/understood something greater, a talent, and his ability to express with words something that transcended limited words, a (rare) ability.

frankie had overcome chemical assassination with difficulty but overcame it nonetheless; frankie had been in the throes of mastering his life/existence well before he was arrested for the social crime of subversion, which self-mastery would also grant him freedom from culture and the known -- he had, prior to his forced incarceration, already realised he was a product of culture and pursued freedom from it.

frankie had coursed through the void -- that realm between what is and what is not -- on many occasions, which journeys had immunised him from many of culture’s constraints, including the effects of medication applied on what culture perceived but not necessarily on what is -- and so frankie maintained his uniqueness with comparative ease though few noticed as they were trained products with narrowed perceptions, awareness and expectations, consequently the real frankie was invisible, free from the expected, usual and mundane ..

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