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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by lux via pax - Inverse Times Monday, Nov 12 2018, 8:56am
international / poetry / post

who would or could lead
the blind in a blind world?

light evades the blind,
what do they know of truth
in a world of darkness?

light cannot be contained in a word,
narrative or discourse, no amount of false representation
approaches the Light, which remains unconstrained, un-captured,
formless, infinite -- beyond all conception

language is finite, limited, while Light is infinite
limitless, who is able to capture infinity with
finite thought?

yet we all seek the Light from which we came
as it is our Life and truth,
though we are subject to it, as it created all things
known and unknown,
are you able to walk without legs,
why seek Light with the physical senses,
they are limited by the physical world and light is not
apprehended by matter?

so with deliberation seek your source, not with thought,
which is merely language without articulation,
all its signs and symbols resolve back to their source,
culture, which is circular and always leads back, reproduces itself;
it is a huge lie, nothing, no book or treatise produced by men is able
to discover truth as they were ALL produced by culture and therefore
are enslaved by it

Light is without bounds and if you seek your source
be boundless, free of thought,
and realise that nothing produced (by men)
grants true freedom, one form of slavery replaced with another
is not freedom

therefore be free as the unconstrained and all permeating Light
which is self-begotten, are you the progenitor or are you
a created being subject to your creator?

return to your source if you would truly be free
as you carry within that spark of creation
which you have carried since before time,
you are already free and have found what you seek
but culture has blinded you and veils reality with
intentional and unintentional lies

break your culture/thought habit, it is poison to the soul
without it your consciousness would then be a beacon
not hidden in darkness/torment or veiled/smothered by ignorance

all things emerged and resolve themselves in that
which created them
no-one is able to free you but yourself
who or what is superior, the God/s created by men/culture
or man, who created ALL the Gods and religions?

it is really a simple matter to be free,
mind is a cultural product that depends on thought
for its existence, without mind your consciousness,
which is Light, is liberated into itself, a radiance
that transcends physical eyes though it is seen in wonder
by the single eye of consciousness

your liberation is delivered in an instant,
you cannot work/labour for it, as you already possess it
you cannot seek for it as you have never lost it
it only takes thoughtless awareness/clarity, which sublime qualities
cannot be captured or described by words, signs, or symbols
indeed, you have nothing to grasp but your true, luminous, Self

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