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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Blowing Desolation
by zed via sybil - Inverse Times Thursday, Jan 31 2019, 7:27am
international / poetry / post

believe the wind blowing thru desolation
kissing hot lava, frying cool seas

stepping on the highest mountains
then returning to its secret place
in the pulse of creation

the perfection, the real
easily seen in the movements of the wind,
fire, rain, heaving seas and the expanse of space

yet it is the same harmony expressed by each
according to its uniqueness and character

the throat of a thrush moving waves in the medium
which appears as song like the sound of blood rushing thru veins
wet with whoosh-sing

the throb of heart and brain synchronised opens
the gates of paradise but remains closed
to the deaf, blind and insensitive

do you hear, do you see
or would u remain as culture-created gnats
tugged this way and that by vile manipulations?

What! you do not see, hear or appreciate the harmony?

the only way to see the blueness of the sky is to
look up with your eyes

die in awe
then wait for the wind to reveal all it has touched
on this earth since it became itself

u need not believe
you have broken free
you would see what is in
pushing out and that
which is out
pushing in

the heaving of the universe until it finds rest
in equilibrium then tires of its sleep
to awaken once again as a New cycle of creation

imagine all the energy in creation exploding
from the smallest indivisible point
then moving eight more times to create
everything that could BE
and you stuck in front of your TV
imagining that you see

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