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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by stella via lex - Inverse Times Wednesday, Feb 13 2019, 10:29pm
international / poetry / post

only on a moonless night
is it seen

the phosphorescent glow that surrounds
and defines things in the night
as all things emit light tho ever so dim
the light is seen by the keen eye and mind
and defines each object tho living things
emit a stronger light as would be expected,
as they work tirelessly in the night preparing for
a different work during the day

the only real darkness is that which exists
in the minds of men, ignorance, which breeds
selfishness and stupidity to the point where entire
populations are now reflected in the perverse actions of
their nations

such darkness is blacker than the darkest night,
nothing is discerned or defined properly
it can’t be, so the denizens of that blackness attempt to rail
against the light of day, to no avail of course, but what
do the blind see? nothing outside their own puny

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