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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Clear and Bright
by sybil via claire - Inverse Times Saturday, Mar 2 2019, 11:23pm
international / poetry / post

the Sun shines but is diminished
by the clear and bright Light
which reduces the sun to a candle flame

this Light is seen with the single eye only
its qualities are beyond description
it is the light that shines without source
as it is non-dependent tho it shines through all things

taste it, bathe in it, hold it without effort or tribulation
it is your very life gifted by eternity to eternity
without discrimination

ever available it seeks nothing tho everything seeks it
knowingly or unknowingly

beyond all measure is this Light that evades science
and thought

it is true, we All shine on, but not like the moon, stars and sun,

we All shine on ...

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