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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by zed via dee - Inverse Times Saturday, Mar 9 2019, 6:20pm
international / poetry / post

i need a poem to break thru
the discord of perversity
a lifeline to eternity in every poem

save me now my muse
tho u never truly abandon me

come with scintillations and sparkle
in this black yuga and shed ur light
to those that embrace it and burn bright in truth
in a world of opacity

i need u now as now is where u live
and breathe life into dead poets immortalised
in verse

the grains of white sand crystal and fine slip thru
my fingers
the roar of the sea in a storm on the hundred mile beach
the flying foam whipped by the wind
and the froth of my unquenchable desire to Be

free me if only momentarily from this purgatory,
i am urs, u know it

they continue to offer their warm flesh and slender contours
but they lack soul that reaches beyond the beginning and annihilates the end
where we live together in creation reflecting its mysteries
and wonders for the sighted to see

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