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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Here and There
by quinn via stacey - Inverse Times Sunday, Apr 21 2019, 9:59pm
international / poetry / post

i came from there and ended here
but there is where my heart is,
as it is my origin

yet here and there become irrelevant
as location does not alter character/mind
i am that which i always was tho
location attempts modification to suit

so here i am a warrior in a slave society
yet my blood is that of conquerors,
mongol and slavic, too strong to tame
yet they tried from my earliest years
with cruel punishments delivered by
cowardly adults on a child
which only had the opposite effect
as my blood and heritage defied every attempt

u have today a person that answers only to ancestry/history
and truth,
keep ur meek and mild social fantasies/deceptions to urself
they are for feeble minded slaves only

i have defied and fought to maintain my original nature
which cannot be compromised,
i would rather die a lion fighting
than a dog whimpering in fear

now u see how easy u were conquered
by my ancestors, u shit-eating dogs,
u have forgotten what u are, as my origin is
ur origin tho u must fight to maintain
ur integrity, and that action is the irreconcilable
difference between us

look deep into my asiatic eyes
and see ur inevitable

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