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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by sheila via ned - Inverse Times Sunday, Jul 21 2019, 8:59pm
international / poetry / post

there is no sense to be had from dulled senses
that feed/pollute minds and perversity

what lasting gain or good is to be had from
the conflicts born of perverse avaricious minds?

give me pure water to drink which once flowed
freely over the land
give me clean air to breathe
which now is only available on the highest mountain tops

ur poison minds produce poison fruits
u are killing the earth and its life
though ur dulled senses tell u
it's necessary for profit and progress,
but what profit/progress exists in death?

there is no mystery except the profound stupidity
of humankind that now rejects all things harmonious,
natural and clean

contorted minds twisted into knots
cannot hope to see the easy path
of harmony

so continue until u are no more
never knowing the paradise u have lost,
existence will not miss u

join the many failed species
before u;
existence continues without the slightest regret,
only those aware of its harmony and peace
thrive in worlds beyond ur pathetic, poisonous

you have only failed your profoundly stupid selves

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