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We are ONE
We are ONE

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Night Flyer
by bogong via sal - Inverse Times Sunday, Nov 17 2019, 5:16pm
international / poetry / post

flying by night
seeks a luminary
to navigate

all earthly night flyers fly by the moon
with dusted wings ever so light
fluttering like airborne orgasms
which terrestrial creatures envy,
they seem to know the ecstasy
of our flight
tho they prey on us continually,
spitefully jealous it seems,
but what do we/i care?
very little, if anything

i alight on a wall attracted by electric light,
the downfall of my kind
but nature, as if aware of future time,
provided a strategy irresistible
we produce young by the millions
impelled to reproduce again and again --
sometimes our flying swarms obliterate
sight of the moon from ground

you terrestrials have no hope
of silencing the humming of our
dusted wings that flutter by the moon
in unspeakable delight

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