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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by bruce via claire - Inverse Times Tuesday, Nov 19 2019, 8:51pm
international / poetry / post

a gardener piles organic waste
until compost forms
to fertilise his garden

it pays at times to keep what is rejected
and build upon what is thrown away
until it ignites seeds of content and discontent
which grow and flower in mind

the discarded words that do not fit,
language inappropriate, all cultural products,
they only fertilise a regrowth of culture tho with negligible
as if culture is not perverse enough already

the seeping sap of southern pines mix with tall blue eucalypts
oozing gooey sap that sticks to my sleeves, trousers and knob
if i stand drunk pissing too close to a pine trunk

it seems the trees are taking their revenge
on my dick as removing the sticky goo painlessly
is quite a challenge, O that I didn't have such a big dick
which at times wraps around my mind and engulfs
it in a garden of imaginary delights fertilised by all
the rejected words and cultural acceptance i have never required

and so i take refuge in the meaninglessness of culture
which offers nothing to man, an organic being,
tho I have proficiency in poetic tricks
which perform like circus dogs trained to jump thru hoops
and ride the backs of young ponies

the pile of refuse i have cast would create a fertilised jungle of meaninglessness
if ever i let it loose and used it to create a poetic identity which culture
would recognise, accept or reject, as culture must have its
f/artists and whores, winning empty prizes and recognition
by the arbiters of art, and for what?
a refuse dump that grows no flowers, trees, food or weeds
to sustain the greater harmony of natural life

but culture is not about sustaining anything but itself
and draining the life from everything natural
so i leave my dick hanging out to prevent it adhering to my underpants or culture
by accident

walking intoxicated somewhere
deep in the pine and eucalypt forests of
Australia where every interrelated thing grows and sings
in symphony, except for my sticky, dangling dick
which culture has elevated to a status above its gods

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