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We are ONE
We are ONE

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by rae Thursday, Mar 19 2020, 8:28am
international / prose / post

cast adrift the sky is reflected in the sea
and the sea is reflected in the sky

mutual reflections distort and dislocate
eliminating a point of reference from
which to gain a bearing yet I have lived an entire
life without any fixed reference,
a God, Science or Law,
all of which fail the integrity test

quantum mechanics destroys the fundamentals
of Newtonian physics, Gods are all created by men,
and the Law is an ass and pliable, as is well known

so what is there to bind societies and cultures?

various narratives that come and go tho all
are disseminated by media and therefore
it is the media that is worshiped and believed today
tho it has the integrity of a whore
yet the masses believe

the post-modernists have destroyed the
authority of the 'author' reducing everything to subjectivity
which is fine if others subscribe to that particular view but
they do not, only the media today binds the mindless, lost masses
as they have nothing to believe in so they desperately attach to
what they consider to be an authority when all such 'authorities'
are created and destroyed by the media

leaders of nations now flagrantly lie thru their teeth
and are not removed from power, in fact hey are tolerated
and allowed to continue the destruction of everything that binds
large groups/societies together, the result of course is chaos

so someone invented social chaos theory to explain
the many fictions that are assimilated and excreted

and so adrift in a shoreless sea of many
things that amount to nothing
seems the course that avoids entanglement --
how fortunate are those that need no compass
to find their particular way in a world of meaninglessness
and ever-changing fictions

tho a constant exists that varies within itself
but its character remains the same –

Truth is evasive due to its immediacy,
so close it's invisible to most
yet without it nothing would exist

the primal basis of reality is, I am,
– without qualifiers Mr Descartes --
from which all that reacts with it issues

indeed the notion of self is the basis of all,
yet very few ask the obvious question
which requires an answer, “who am I?”

until that question is answered you remain
subject to those that know you are a subject/slave
buffeted by externals like the media, or any other whore
that is able to replace it

adrift in an endless sea is freedom
as location is never fixed

and the Truth to which I referred
is nothing more than flux, so release
from all binds is easy, as without a location
you can never be targeted by anything
or anyone

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